Jaipur Kite Festival

14 Jan 2012

As winter sets in, children clamber to
the sunny roof tops to put their
colourful kites into the cool breeze,
soring their kites high into the blue
sky. The thread is sharp and lethal,
there by cutting each other's kites .
Children down on the streets run to
catch the falling kites. The air is full
of excitement. This excitement
reaches its cresendo on the 14th
of January, when not only the
children but the men, women, old,
young, father, grandfather, infact the
whole city is up on the roofs flying
kites. The sky is dotted with
thousands of colourful kites.
This , my friends, is the Kite Festival
of Jaipur. An event to be seen to be
believed. An experience that will
send every person's soul souring to
the heights of ecstacy.

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